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Maximizing Bathroom Storage with Smart Corner Shelving Ideas

If you’re struggling to utilize all the available space in your bathroom, it’s time to consider corner shelving. Bathroom corners are often overlooked when it comes to storage potential. But with the right corner shelf or tower design, you can take advantage of this wasted space.

As someone living in an apartment with a tiny bathroom, I’ve become a pro at finding creative corner shelf solutions to hold toiletries, towels, and more. Read on for my best tips for picking and styling bathroom corner shelving to maximize your storage!

Floating Corner Shelves

One of the easiest ways to add corner storage is with floating corner shelves. These triangular shelves mount directly to the wall in the corner and are great for holding rolled towels and folded washcloths upright. Floating shelves come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, or acrylic.

Make sure to mount the shelves into wall studs for proper support. I prefer two staggered shelves to hold more items. Place commonly used toiletries, soap dispensers, or candles on the upper shelf for easy access. Style the shelves with decor items like plants or baskets for a cohesive look.

Corner Wall Cabinets

For a built-in look, corner wall cabinets are perfect. Often found above a toilet tank, corner cabinets have one or two doors to conceal items. Many also have adjustable interior shelving. These cabinets blend seamlessly into the bathroom’s look when painted to match.

I love keeping backup toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, and bathroom overflow contained in a corner cabinet. The key is optimizing the interior space with helpful organizers and bins. Install corner cabinets at eye level for a handy spot to store daily essentials.

Bathroom Corner Towel Storage Tree

One of my favorite bathroom storage solutions is a freestanding corner towel tree. The vertical tower design is ideal for neatly arranging folded towels, washcloths, and hand towels. I chose a metal tree with three tiers of shelves in a black finish to match my bronze fixtures.

Corner towel trees are great for bathrooms short on linen closet space like mine. Place your most used towels on the lower shelves for convenience. Reserve the upper shelf for coordinating folded extras. The tower shape efficiently utilizes wasted space.

DIY Corner Bathroom Storage Shelving

Don’t overlook the opportunity to create custom corner shelving yourself. With some simple DIY skills, you can build and install storage that fits your space perfectly.

One easy option is using 1×4 boards secured diagonally from corner to corner. Then install shelves between the boards painted to match your decor. A taller corner ladder shelf with multiple tiers also maximizes vertical storage.

If you’re extra handy, construct an entire recessed cabinet right into the corner studs. The options for DIY bathroom storage are endless!

Rotating Corner Shelving Units

Another smart innovation is a rotating corner shelf unit. The whimsical design takes advantage of awkward space with round shelves that turn independently. Rotating units come in different tiers and heights to store toiletries, tools, candles, decor – you name it!

I’m drawn to the quirky visual appeal of round corner shelves. They feel more unique and make use of dead corner space in a fun way. Spin the shelves to easily access items as needed. Just secure properly into studs as they can get heavy.

Corner Storage Benches and Stools

Don’t limit yourself to corner shelves – also consider bathroom storage benches or stools placed diagonally in a corner. These furniture pieces allow you to tuck items away and also provide extra seating. Look for a bench or stool with a hinged lid or drawer compartments.

I recently added a narrow corner bench in my bathroom to hold extra toiletries that normally cluttered my vanity. Now they’re organized and hidden away in one place. The bench also creates a designated spot for me to sit when putting on makeup.

Declutter Your Bath with Clever Corner Storage

Incorporate one or more of these corner shelf designs to instantly add storage space and organization to your bathroom. Take measurements of the corners in your bath to ensure the shelving dimensions will work. Proper mounting into studs is crucial.

Maximize vertical storage in the often underutilized corners of your bathroom. Let me know which of these clever corner shelf and storage ideas you find most useful.

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