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Types of Bathroom Light Fixtures

When designing a bathroom, lighting is one of the most important elements to get right. The right fixtures can create a warm, inviting atmosphere and provide sufficient illumination for tasks like applying makeup and shaving. When picking new bathroom light fixtures, you first need to consider the size and layout of the space and what lighting needs you want to fulfill. Researching the various types of bathroom lighting available is key to finding options that work for your unique bathroom design.

  • Vanity Lights – Installed on each side of the bathroom mirror, vanity lights provide focused illumination for grooming. Styles like Hollywood lighting create soft, even light.
  • Ceiling Lights – Central overhead ceiling lights brighten up the whole bathroom. Flush mounts and chandeliers work for standard or high ceilings.
  • Pendant Lights – Hanging pendant lights add flair over vanities or tubs. Opt for single pendants or cluster multiple together.
  • Sconces – Mounted on walls, sconces provide ambient lighting and accent the decor. Place on either side of mirrors or near tubs.
  • Spotlights – Recessed or track spotlights highlight specific areas like the shower or art. Go for adjustable spots to direct light.
  • Nightlights – Subtle nightlights let you navigate the bathroom at night safely. Install near the floor or on vanities.

Hanging Bathroom Vanity Lights

Proper vanity lighting is essential in any bathroom. As someone who has decorated several bathrooms, I’ve learned how important it is to install fixtures that provide ample illumination on each side of the mirror. Hanging lights anchored above the vanity space offer both style and ideal task lighting. With the right hanging vanity light fixtures, you can create a spa-like glow for makeup application, hair styling, and grooming.

  • Size – Scale the light fixtures to fit the size of your vanity. Oversized lights overwhelm small spaces.
  • Style – Choose a vanity light design that matches your bathroom’s decor – from modern LEDs to vintage Hollywood bulbs.
  • Light Direction – Look for adjustable or directional shades to angle light onto the vanity top.
  • Bulb Type – Pick bulbs like LEDs that provide bright, white light for applying makeup. Go for soft glow bulbs to reduce shadows.
  • Installation – Follow the manufacturer instructions to safely install the mounted vanity light fixtures.
  • Switch Access – Make sure the lights can be easily turned on when you need them.

Hanging Ceiling Lights for Bathrooms

When it comes to overhead lighting, I prefer installing hanging ceiling lights in my bathroom. They provide general ambient lighting to brighten up the whole space. Over the years, I’ve tried out several different hanging ceiling fixtures to light up my bathrooms.

For small bathrooms, I like to use mini pendant lights hung in a row over the vanity. The row of 3 or 4 mini pendants gives off a good amount of light in a compact area. I space them evenly to distribute the light.

In bathrooms with a standard 8 ft. ceiling, drum or globe pendant lights work well centered over the vanity. They provide a classic look. For larger or high-ceiling bathrooms, I install semi-flush or pendant lights on longer cords, hung closer to eye level.

For a spa-like look, cluster pendant lights together in threes over the bathtub area. I go for clear glass pendants to emit a soft glow. Hanging chandeliers can also make a dramatic statement over a tub.

If I want to highlight the shower, I install hanging mini pendants above the shower enclosure. Tiny pendants work well, aligned with the shower head and faucet. I make sure any ceiling lights I install in bathrooms are rated moisture-resistant.

Hanging lights add stylish flair compared to basic flush-mount ceiling fixtures. With the right scale and placement, they can maximize light in any bathroom layout. I love experimenting with pendant and chandelier designs to give my bathroom personality.

Installing Hanging Bathroom Lights

When it comes to installing hanging bathroom lights, I take care to follow the necessary steps to get them up safely and securely. Over the years and through trial and error, I’ve come up with a good system.

First, I map out where I want the hanging lights positioned and mark the ceiling with tape. For pendants, I measure the equal distance between each one if installed in a row.

Next, I turn off the power at the circuit breaker before wiring. I read the mounting instructions that come with the light fixtures. I make sure I have the right tools – usually a ladder, screwdriver, wire strippers, and electrical tape.

If there is an existing light I’m replacing, I carefully disconnect it from the wiring in the ceiling. I attach the new light’s mounting bracket to the electrical box, securing it with screws.

I connect the bare copper ground wire to the green screw on the mounting plate. I connect the white neutral wire from the ceiling to the white wire from the light. Same for matching up the black hot wires.

I tuck all wires neatly into the electrical box and raise the light fixture to the ceiling. I screw in the canopy tightly to anchor the hanging light in place.

For multiple pendant lights, I take care to space them out based on my tape marks before tightening canopies. I do a last safety check that all wires are secured. Then I turn the power back on and test the new bathroom lighting!

Following key steps like turning off power, connecting wires properly and anchoring fixtures ensures I safely install any new hanging bathroom light. Taking time to do it right means enjoying the new lighting for years.

Bathroom Light Fixture Ideas

When designing the lighting in my bathroom, I’m always looking for unique light fixture ideas to elevate the space. Over the years, I’ve incorporated some creative fixtures that make a statement.

One unexpected idea I tried was using a chandelier as the main ceiling light. I chose one with cascading crystals to make it sparkle above the bathtub. For vintage appeal, a pendant made from a birdcage works well too.

I also love lining the vanity with several mini pendants in a row instead of standard vanity strip lighting. It creates a chic hotel bathroom vibe. I opted for black drum pendants for contrast against the white vanity.

To highlight the shower, I installed horizontal sconces right outside the shower enclosure. The ambient lighting from the side casts a pretty glow when showering at night.

For a rustic charm, bare bulb pendants work beautifully over a classic clawfoot tub. I used clear glass pendants with visible filaments.

To light a double vanity area, I mixed a Hollywood light bulb vanity fixture on one side with a spherical rattan pendant on the other. The combination felt fresh and modern.

There are so many ways to creatively use light fixtures in bathrooms beyond basic flush-mount ceiling lights. With unique pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers, and vanity fixtures, I’m able to make my bathroom lighting truly distinctive.

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